Some studio work for Emeco, the chair manufacturer whose Navy chair is an icon of American industrial design. The Broom chair designed by Phillip Stark was a pleasure to photograph, its soft curves, matt finish and subdued colours lending themselves to beautiful simple images, working with Miki Less, an art director whose design ethos transcends mere style.


Book Covers

EYE magazine


I was first asked to contribute to Eye Magazine by Tony Arefin, who I had worked for on early issues of Frieze Magazine. Eye was launched by editor Rick Poynor and designer Steven Coates, originally published by EMAP.

I started in a small way on issue 2 and continued to work on every issue for the next 17 years, through three editors, three creative directors and three publishers. It is a high quality quarterly publication. In that time I took thousands of pictures, portraits, product shots, images for promotional material, abstract images and photographs for feature articles. It was a diverse brief that kept it interesting.

The Ditch

Was a magazine / newsletter produced and edited by Gordon Faulds. Voluntary contributons were drawn from a diverse array of characters, all of whom were involved in the vibrant creative community that made up Shoreditch in the mid 1990s. It was a local rag for the local creative community.

My contribution was the centrefolds, here are four spreads :

Zeke Manyika as Eartha Kitt

Lil the barmaid from the Bricklayers Arms in Rivington Street

John who owned Charlie Wrights International Bar in Pitfield Street

The barmaids from the Cantaloupe Bar

This magazine was produced during the heyday of the Shoreditch phenomena, a peaceful time which as we know has transformed into something very different today.