I was commissioned by the Syzygy Project to photograph the light and landscape on a month long expedition at 75 degrees North in North East Greenland, dropped off by Twin Otter on the coast at Fosdalen. Out five strong team camped beneath magnificent basalt cliffs covered in deep orange lichen. Myself and Jo Outram hiked out of camp every day, shooting landscapes in this wilderness - with no maps. Every day was a different experience encountering Musk Oxen herds, Arctic Foxes, Terns, Arctic Peregrines and thankfully no Polar Bears.

This is true desert and I was surprised that anything could survive there. We were there during the transition from 24 hour daylight to 24 hour darkness - which played havoc with our sleep patterns.

The flora was diverse- including the only type of tree a ground hugging Willow which carpeted large areas of hillside changing in colour from green to red to yellow during our stay.

Funded by the Arts Council and sponsored by Fuji Film and Hasselblad Cameras